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On March 17, 1862, the Union Army of the Potomac (AotP) launched a massive amphibious assault  from Alexandria Virginia down the Potomac River which landed at Fort Monroe on the Virginia Peninsula.  For the next two and a half months, the AotP fought its way up the Peninsula to arrive within a few miles of Richmond.  At the end of May, 1862 the largest battle in the East (to that time) was fought between MG Joseph E. Johnston's Army of Northern Virginia and MG George B. McClellan's Army of the Potomac. 

The Devil's Own Fun is a historical military simulation of the Battle of Seven Pines (or Fair Oaks as it was known in the North).  The game is an homage to the Great Battles of the American Civil War (GBACW) series published by Simulation Publications, Inc. during the 1970s and 1980s.

The Devil's Own Fun is the definitive game on the Peninsula Campaign during the period immediately leading up to and after the Battle of Seven Pines.  Scenarios cover the battles and skirmishes between 24 May 1862 (when the Union troops first got to the Chickahominy River) through 24 June 1862 (just before the Seven Days Battles).

The Game Features:
Thirteen (13) 23" x 27" maps which can be laid out for the full campaign (at right) or used in smaller clusters to play the many scenarios.  Map D is shown at the right.  This map is the central one which includes both Fair Oaks Station and Seven Pines.
Over 3,000 counters representing every regiment that actually fought or could have fought in the battle.  This includes McDowell's entire I Corps which was promised to McClellan and then taken away.
Counters include Every Officer in the two sides at the Army, Corps / Wing, Division, Brigade and Regimental levels with a few historical figures at lower levels.
Special weapons that were used in the battle.
Ten Scenarios including the full two-day campaign game, Jefferson Davis' Plan, McClellan Strikes First, Mechanicsville (1st), "Stripping the Chickahominy Bluffs" and McDowell's Corps to the Rescue.

Comprehensive rule book covering all aspects of the battle including special rules on the Union "Coffee Mill" gun, Balloon Corps, Regimental Leaders, Dangerous Bridge Crossings, Variable Terrain Effects based on historical weather and more!

Useful equipment including two dice, counter trays, magnifying glass and forceps!

Complete set of Charts & Tables, roster sheets and other management tools.

Complete history of the battle, designer's notes and bibliography.

Special Line of Sight (LOS) program to resolve visibility issues between units and save friendships.

Other Information:
Each hex is 120 yards across.

Each turn is 20 minutes.

Each strength point represents 100 men (infantry, cavalry) or 1 gun (artillery); Artillery batteries include every gun & type that fought in the campaign including the Confederate's experimental Williams Gun. 

Thirteen 23 x 27 Maps
Full Campaign Map Setup
Map D with Main Battle Locations
Map D (Fair Oaks Station & Seven Pines)
Every Regiment Included
Every Leader Included